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Why we should eat cherries?

The stars of this season, the cherries, not only look good, but also, have numerous health benefits.

Scientists have discovered many beneficial properties of cherries, including the fact that they are very good for the circulatory system and heart. According to studies so far, people who have heart attacks tend to have low levels of melatonin and cherries are a natural source of this hormone. Another compound of cherries, polyphenols, has been shown to help prevent blood clots and anthocyanins present in cherries still protects blood vessels from oxidative stress, helping to prevent the formation of arterial plaque.

Melatonin is a hormone that regulates the cycle of rest; therefore, cherries are great for helping us to sleep. While commercial melatonin supplements often have side effects, cherries are a natural and healthy source.

These fruits are very good for the brain, the compounds mentioned before having beneficial effects on brain function. Melatonin, polyphenols and anthocyanins  protect brain cells from oxidative stress and may help prevent various forms of dementia.

Cherries are also a natural anti-inflammatory, helping to reduce inflammation as well as drugs that are in commerce. These fruits are a natural medicine driving an increase in performance by helping athletes get rid of muscle pain that occurs after exercise.

According to studies conducted in patients with gout, cherries can be consumed to prevent gout attacks. When they ate the fruit even for two days, the risk of stroke decreased by 35 percent.

Anthocyanins contained in cherries may help reduce cancer cells and stimulate their destruction. Studies have shown that cherries reduce the growth rate of colon cancer cells.